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GlampLyfe’s 5 Favorite Winter Campfire Recipes

Our September article GlampLyfe’s 5 Favorite Campfire Recipes featured seasonally Summer foods. Read it to learn easy recipes with peaches and summer squash. As the weather has changed and it’s officially January, it’s time for a new iteration of this list. In my family, wintery mix calls for warm hearty meals and lots of crunchy […]

Our Winter Mixtapes on Spotify (November & December)

We’re coming at you with moody, crooning French tunes in November and full-on holiday spirit in December. These may be branded for Winter, but they’re available to listen to for free all year long. Personally, I love to listen to Christmas music in the Summer when it’s way too hot outside and the A/C isn’t […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Nature Lover

For your outdoorsman or outdoorswoman. Backpacking Tent – $100-500 Why are my friends always lifting up each other’s tents? What? REI just dropped their Best Backpacking Tents of 2022 list. Know anyone walking the Camino de Santiago on their gap year? Or someone who took a sabbatical from work to hike the Appalachian Trail? This […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness Guru

For those of sound mind and body. Masterclass Subscription – $180/year Masterclass is exactly what it sounds like. These expert-led online classes are priceless and encourage personal growth. From Modeling Fundamentals with Naomi Campbell to FBI Profiling Methods, they offer sessions for every person and every interest. Masterclass is offering a BOGO sale right now, […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Gen Z

Holiday present ideas for your favorite Zillenial. Chamberlain Coffee Cold Brew Starter Pack – $44 You may not know who Emma Chamberlain is but your Gen Z definitely does. Chamberlain Coffee’s beverages include Matcha, Hot Cocoa, Chai, and obviously coffee. They offer single serve cold brew, bundles, reusable straws, travel mugs, and every other drink […]

Glamptastic Outdoorsy Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloweekend 2022 is coming up and I’m out of costume ideas. Luckily, Pinterest is a photo gold-mine of spooky content. Mommy bloggers and holiday enthusiasts alike have shared some of their most creative children’s outfits online. There was a surprising amount of homemade inspiration including how-to sew DIY instructions. It’s giving Waldorf school and we’re […]

4 Poems We Love (Fall 2022)

Calling all poets! We’ve worked with musicians and photographers at our GlampLyfe campsite in Ohio. Submit your poetry to us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to feature it on our blog. Let us know if you would be interested in reading a newsletter or magazine of visitor and local photo and poetry submissions. If […]

Patagonia Founder Donates Company to Fight Climate Change

Last month, Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia founder, left the $3 billion company to fight climate change. He split the company into a climate-focused trust and nonprofit organizations. The manner in which he created these entities blocks future stakeholders from changing the company back or diverting this goal. All profits that are not reinvested into the business […]

Outdoor Apparel Brands with a Purpose

1. Plasticana The first time I saw Plasticana Hemp Wellies, I spent a full five minutes holding them up to the light, trying to figure out what they were made of. These gorgeous and sustainable hemp shoes are only available for sale via retailer. Sizes and stock are very limited so this is a good […]