Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness Guru

For those of sound mind and body.

Masterclass Subscription – $180/year

Masterclass is exactly what it sounds like. These expert-led online classes are priceless and encourage personal growth. From Modeling Fundamentals with Naomi Campbell to FBI Profiling Methods, they offer sessions for every person and every interest. Masterclass is offering a BOGO sale right now, so you can get two memberships for the price of one.

Headspace Subscription – $69.99/year

Breathe in and out with these guided meditations. Having good mental health hygiene is more important than ever. They offer playlists with a range of topics from managing anxiety to falling asleep. Headspace’s mission is to “Improve the health and happiness of the world.” Try it for free now.

Mold Test Kit – $9.87

This may be the only gift guide ever created that recommends a DIY mold testing kit… Not only is it unbelievably useful and budget-friendly, but it’s also fun. You’ll get immediate props for this since it seems like a gag gift, but you could be saving your friends life! Think about it!

Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi & Cookbook $19.99 cookbook & $10.39 kimchi

Mother-in-Law’s is an iconic artisanal kimchi brand. Pairing their cookbook and any of their jars of kimchi is a great gift for any foodie or health nut. The nutritional benefits of eating this Korean food are off the charts good. I recommend buying your MIL kimchi at any major grocery store in the refrigerated section, not necessarily online.