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Pack these Smart Camping Apps

Pack these Smart Camping Apps Whether you’re going away to Summer Camp, kicking it at GlampLyfe, or roughing it in the wilderness, you can enhance your experience with Apps. It may sound counterintuitive to bring the digital world into the woods, but between Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, there are free nature […]

How Nature Gaming Can Improve Our Lives

How Nature Gaming Can Improve Our Lives With urban sprawl, the 40-hour work week, and lack of affordable transportation, not everyone has the luxury of on-demand access to nature. Our emotional and mental wellbeing as humans is directly tied to “nature relatedness”, which is how interconnected our lives are with nature. If you haven’t read […]

Why Nature Makes Us Feel Better

Why Nature Makes Us Feel Better May is one of the most beautiful times of year across the USA. Coincidentally, it’s also National Health Month. Enjoying nature has been proven to help our mental health in many ways. The complicated nature of our relationship with the world around us has been studied for a very […]

Spring Flora and Fauna at Happydale

Glamplyfe Happydale April Flora and Fauna As Spring flowers are starting to bloom at GlampLyfe, our guests have been asking about which fish they can catch and what animals they’ll see on the campsite. The roster is stacked. Whether you’re coming for a nature walk, birdwatching, fishing, or just glamping, you’re bound to see some […]