Holiday Gift Guide: Gen Z

Holiday present ideas for your favorite Zillenial.

Chamberlain Coffee Cold Brew Starter Pack – $44

You may not know who Emma Chamberlain is but your Gen Z definitely does. Chamberlain Coffee’s beverages include Matcha, Hot Cocoa, Chai, and obviously coffee. They offer single serve cold brew, bundles, reusable straws, travel mugs, and every other drink accessory you can think of. If you’re not sure which roast to get, they have a fun Flavor Quiz. They’re offering 10% off your first order and shipping is included over $50.

Sentro Knitting Machine – $65.99

Knitting machines are all the rage on TikTok. Even if the recipient has never knit, a knitting machine is a great starter to the craft. A lot of the work is done for you so it’s easier to feel satisfied and quickly see a finished product. With one hand on the crank and the other holding down the machine, this is a good gift for those who want to spend less time on their phones.

Sunset Lamp Projector – $19.99

Sunset lamps have been going viral for the last few years. These cast an ethereal glow and are perfect gifts for those interested in photography, prop styling, or interior design. Keeping bright lights on late at night can lead to sleeping troubles. They’re also a great natural alternative to harsh overhead lighting or colored fairy lights.

Nintendo Switch Lite – $179.99

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a lightweight handheld gaming device. It’s a great alternative to an iPad because the Nintendo E-Store features video streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix but not social media. There’s no ability to stream to Twitch or other online gaming platforms so it’s one of the safest video game consoles on the market.