5 Ingredients for That Perfect Glamplyfe Trip

Are you gearing up for your very first Glamplyfe trip? We’re looking forward to having you! Glamping is the perfect way to experience nature while still being comfortable. To help you make the most of your time with us, we’ve compiled a list of five ingredients for a perfect Glamplyfe trip. Read on, get ready, then let us know when you want to book your trip!

1. High-quality company

The first step to having an exceptional glamping trip – invite your favorite people! Whether that’s your best friends, closest family members, or significant other, spending time in nature with the people you care about is a great way to ensure a fun glamping trip. Are your loved ones outdoorsy? Entice them with nature walks and our beautiful private lake. For the indoorsy folks, let them know that Glamplyfe has private bathrooms and showers plus hot coffee so they won’t be roughing it all weekend. Our site is the perfect place to share stories and make new memories with great company.

If you’re feeling extroverted, you can chat with other outgoing campers at the tables near our coffee trailer or around a fire pit. Glamplyfe is a great place to make a new friend if that’s your thing! Feeling introverted? Need a weekend away from chatty coworkers and noisy neighbors? No judgment here! You can always have a solo trip at Glamplyfe and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, private A-frame units, and strolls through our wooded trails. Sometimes, quiet time in the company of “me, myself, and I” is just what you need to relax and unwind.

2. Delicious food and drinks

Sizzling steaks. Gooey marshmallows. Steaming coffee. Ah, yes, glamping sure can be delicious! For a perfect Glamplyfe trip, make sure to bring your favorite foods! For your convenience, we provide BBQ grills to make meal preparation easier than cooking over an open campfire. Whether your preferred meals consist of traditional camping foods like hotdogs and baked beans or “fancier” items like steak and grilled vegetables, you can make delicious meals while glamping with us.

Glamplyfe also features fire pits, so don’t forget to bring everything you need to make s’mores! You can also bring a pot to heat up water for hot chocolate or stop by our trailer for some freshly brewed Blue Rose coffee. Having meals with the people you care about is a great opportunity for quality bonding time, and who doesn’t love good food and drinks?

3. Cozy glamping essentials

What makes glamping even better than camping? The comfort! No sleeping in sleeping bags. No setting up flimsy tents. Instead, enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in a queen-size bed fitted with high-quality linens and bedding. You’ll stay warm and cozy in our A-frame units and won’t have to wonder if unexpected rainfall will result in a cold, soggy sleeping situation.

When thinking about what to pack, make a list of the things you need for an ultra-comfortable and glamorous stay. Think soft blankets, fuzzy slippers, a warm robe, decorative rugs, and tufted folding chairs. Comfortable? Yes. Instagramable? Absolutely. Comfort is the name of the game when glamping, so bring what you need to make your stay extra cozy.

4. Fun activities

No boring stays here! For that perfect Glamplyfe trip, plan on participating in fun activities. Our site features lush trails so you can channel your inner adventurer (without having to lace up your hiking boots or trudge through muddy ground) plus a private lake that’s great for canoeing and kayaking.

If you prefer to admire nature from afar, why not bring some games you can play at your glampsite? Card games and board games are great for playing inside your A-frame or at the tables near our coffee trailer. You can also bring yard games like corn hole and bocce ball so you can enjoy the fresh air while taking on the competition.

If your ideal glamping trip is a calm one, consider bringing a book to read by the fire or cozied up in your A-frame overlooking the water. Load your favorite music, audiobooks, or podcasts onto your phone to enjoy with headphones while relaxing in bed. Whatever suits your mood, activities can make your Glamplyfe trip even better.

5. A cleared schedule

Glamping is an ideal time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy reconnecting with yourself, your friends and family, and nature. For the perfect Glamplyfe trip, be sure to arrive with a cleared schedule. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a week, try to clear your schedule ahead of time so you can focus on being present and enjoying the moment. If you’re able to, tell your employer, coworkers, or clients that you’ll be on a trip and unavailable to work. Your glamping trip will be so much better if you aren’t preoccupied with answering phone calls or checking emails. By removing distractions, you can clear your mind, enjoy the here and now, and leave your Glamplyfe trip feeling refreshed.

Ready for your Glamplyfe trip?

Glamplyfe is on a mission to help you experience a happier and healthier lyfestyle through unique nature experiences and cutting-edge architectural design. Our first site, Happydale Retreat, is currently in the works and will be ready to accept guests soon! Located in Cambridge, Ohio, Happydale Retreat is about an hour outside of Columbus, Ohio, and the perfect place to get away from the daily grind without having to go too far.

Our A-frame units sit lakeside for stunning views and our unique shower house offers private toilets and showers for a comfortable camping experience. We also have a charming trailer serving fresh Blue Rose coffee plus a BBQ grill and fire pit area for preparing your favorite meals and snacks.

Ready to get your glamp on? Make sure you don’t miss our opening! Sign up for our emails to get notified when we start accepting bookings and to stay in the know on all things Glamplyfe.

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