What do the A-frames consist of?

GlampLyfe is on a mission to promote a happier and healthier LYFE™ through unique nature experiences and cutting-edge architectural design. One of the ways we’re accomplishing this is by building charming A-frame units to serve as mini cabins for our glamping guests. Our A-frames are the perfect lakeside addition to our first glamping site, Happydale Retreat, but what do they consist of? Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when staying in one of our A-frames.

Durability and convenience

Our A-frame units help protect you from the elements during hot and cold temperatures, wind, rain, and even help prevent the snow from piling up on the roof too much. While sleeping in tents during less-than-ideal weather may make you nervous, our A-frames are sturdy and will help you stay at a comfortable temperature all night long. They’re also much more convenient than having to take time to set up and tear down a regular camping tent. When tent camping or van camping, it can also be difficult to find a perfectly level spot, leaving you sleeping at an incline or weird angle. At GlampLyfe, our A-frames provide a level surface that makes sleeping more comfortable.  

Rustic design

Something about an A-frame design just feels relaxing and perfect for nature. Each of our A-frame units features a rustic wooden design and uniquely crafted interior, making it perfect for glamping while keeping that “cabin by the lake” feel. We intentionally chose A-frames to create warm, inviting spaces for our guests.

Queen-size bed

Comfort is a must at GlampLyfe! We know how uncomfortable it can be to sleep in a sleeping bag, so we’ve included a queen-size bed in each of our A-frame units. Each bed also includes high-quality linens and bedding, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Our A-frames are ideal for one or two people and offer a great place to get a warm, cozy, comfortable night’s sleep.

Window with a lake view

Need a break from being out in the sun or cold but don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous views? Each A-frame at Happydale Retreat includes a window that provides an unobstructed view of our private lake. Imagine waking up to the sun shimmering on calm water or falling asleep with the moon’s reflection glowing on the lake’s surface. This could be a daily occurrence for you when you stay in one of our A-frames!

Reading corner

If you like to spend time curled up with a good book, our A-frames are perfect for you. Each unit includes a cozy reading corner by the window, so you can enjoy reading (or drawing, or writing, or whatever your favorite pastime might be) without feeling like you’re entirely closed off from nature.

Front porch

Each A-frame is designed with a covered porch space that’s great for storing items you don’t want to get wet if it rains, such as coolers. It’s also an ideal spot for drinking coffee in the morning, playing cards, or just sitting and enjoying being out in nature while still having some protection from the elements.

Coffee in bed

The A-frame units at Happydale Retreat provide the perfect place for coffee in bed for those who like to start their day with a slow and relaxing morning. Simply walk on over to our coffee trailer, where you can order a hot cup of Blue Rose coffee and take it back to your A-frame. There, snuggle up in your comfy queen-size bed and sip your hot coffee while admiring the gorgeous lake view from your window.

Fire Pit

Want to warm up by the fire, do some stargazing, or toast marshmallows for s’mores? You can do so at the fire pit conveniently located right outside of your A-frame unit. The fire pit is accompanied by a set of chairs for comfortable relaxation. If you’re feeling chatty, your unit is just a brief walk from the seating area by our coffee trailer, where there are tables and another fire pit – perfect for group gatherings.

Short walk to bathrooms

Another great thing about our A-frames is that they’re close – but not too close – to the bathrooms. They’re a short walk away from our shower house, which includes private showers, real toilets, and marble sinks (this is glamping, after all!). No need to wander into the woods to use the bathroom or go days without a shower. With GlampLyfe, you can enjoy time in nature without giving up modern life’s necessities.

Close to other great amenities

Our A-frame units are close to a variety of great amenities, making them just as convenient as they are charming. When you walk from your A-frame to our coffee trailer, you can also use the BBQ grill that’s located there to cook your favorite dinner. Additionally, you can walk to the nearby nature trails and enjoy strolling by the lush foliage and breathing in the fresh air. If you want to spend the afternoon kayaking, our private lake is the perfect spot and conveniently right behind the A-frames.   

Check out Happydale Retreat by GlampLyfe

Wooden A-frames are a great way to take regular camping and elevate it to glamping. That’s why GlampLyfe is installing multiple A-frame units at our new Happydale Retreat, located in Cambridge, Ohio about an hour outside of Columbus. At Happydale Retreat, you can enjoy your favorite creature comforts like a big, comfy bed, quality shelter, real bathrooms and showers, and fresh coffee. You’ll also have gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding wooded areas, access to our nature trail and private lake, fire pits and a BBQ grill for your favorite snack and meals, and other glamping essentials. Whether you’re looking for a weekend away by yourself, with friends, or with a significant other, GlampLyfe’s Happydale Retreat is the perfect place to stay.Want to stay up to date on our opening so you can book one of our A-frames ASAP? Click here to sign up for our email list.

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