Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Ohio (Guernsey County)

Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Ohio (Guernsey County)

Since Glamplyfe moved to Cambridge, we’ve had the treat of experiencing a lot of the great things Guernsey County has to offer. We took a poll on our Instagram to see which hotspots you wanted to see included in this list and integrated your suggestions. If you live in Pittsburgh or Columbus, Cambridge is close enough to be a natural day trip. We especially recommend bringing the antique-lover in your life because you will definitely drive home with treasures. Did I need to buy a vintage Super 8 camera at Black Cat Vintage? Maybe. Did I need to fill my pockets with saltwater toffee at McKenna’s Market? Also, maybe. Either way, we’re sharing a handful of our faves. If you’re in nearby Zanesville and Muskingum County, check out Zen Life and Travel’s article. If you’re driving in from Columbus, stop at Free Society Boutique for Y2K accessories and trendy clothes.

For the Flower Child:

Three Blooms Flower Farm

Phone: (740) 260-3392

Address: Available at Urban Twigs – 5843 Glenn Hwy, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the History Buff:

National Museum of Cambridge Glass

Phone: (740) 432-4245

Address: 136 S 9th St, Cambridge, OH 43725

For Date Night:

Georgetown Vineyard & Tavern on the Hill

Phone: (740) 435-3222

Address: 62920 Georgetown Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Influencer:


Phone: (740) 801-0054

Address: 12110 Happydale Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Designer:

Homemade Happiness & Co.

Phone: (740) 995-8318

Address: 723 Wheeling Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Foodie:

The Bear’s Den Steakhouse

Phone: (740) 432-5285

Address: 13320 E Pike Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Antique Lover:

Alley Cat Antiques

Phone: (740) 421-9077
Address: 118 S 7th St, Cambridge, OH 43725

Our Summer Mixtapes on Spotify (June, July, & August)

Our Summer Mixtapes on Spotify (June, July, & August)

Check out our June, July, and August Summer Mixtapes on Spotify. They feature some of the musicians we’ve had the pleasure of working with like The Quiet Celebrations and Juan Wauters. If you or someone you know has songs available on Spotify, please reach out! If you are in the Cambridge, Ohio area, or passing by on tour, we would love to collaborate for our Bonfire Concert Series!

8 Glamping Products to Live Happier and Healthier

8 Glamping Products to Live Happier and Healthier

1. Lightweight Windshell Jacket:

This one’s from Arc’teryx but anything water and wind resistant should work.

2. First Saturday Lime Monthly Pet Insect Repellent:

Dogs are allowed at GlampLyfe on leash. If you aren’t already protecting your pup from ticks and fleas, this is a good product to start with.

3. Filtered Water Bottle:

GlampLyfe provides filtered water and we want you to stay hydrated!

4. Sunscreen (for face and body):

You’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day. Yes, even when it’s overcast.

5. Portable Waterproof Speaker:

Check out our Spotify June and July mixtapes for inspo!

6. Film Camera: Instax and Polaroid make cameras that print your photos immediately.

7. Portable Charger:

This portable charger is simple, reliable, and under $20.

8. Shampoo Bars: These are good for the planet and your scalp.

Glamplyfe Booking FAQ 2023


Contact Info:

Phone: (740) 801-0054


Address: 12110 Happydale Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

Social Media: @glamplyfe

How far are you from town and major local cities?

Driving: We are located less than 15 minutes from downtown Cambridge, OH. We are about 60 minutes from Columbus, OH and Akron, OH. We’re about 90 minutes from Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, and West Virginia.

What are your prices?

Our prices depend on Unit Type so please check out our Reservation Site and specify what you are looking for. You can also contact the Office at (740) 801-0054.

How do I make a reservation? Do you have availability for a specific date?

Our Reservation Site will show you which dates are available.

How do I choose a cabin with two Twin beds or one Queen bed?

Our Reservation Site lets you choose which type of cabin you would like. The following cabins have 2 full beds: F1, F4, L9, L11, L13, L15. The following cabins have 1 queen bed: F2, F3, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L10, L12, L14, L16.

Can I check in late?

Yes, if you need to check in after 6pm, a check-in package will be provided. You must notify or call (740) 801-0054 if you plan to arrive after 6pm so we can have the check-in package available for you.

Do the cabins have A/C?Heater units?

Yes, they each have a unit that’s both an A/C and heater. 

Do the cabins have electrical outlets?

Yes, each cabin has electrical outlets.

Are there bathrooms in the cabins?

No, the bathrooms are located in our luxury bath house, which is a separate building and a short walk from the cabins. Each private bathroom features a shower, toilet, and sink. The building is wheelchair accessible.

I haven’t gotten a confirmation email. Am I confirmed?

If you are confirmed, you will have received a confirmation email. Please call us at (740) 801-0054 if this is not the case or email

What’s coming in the next year?

We started building 10 more cabins in the late spring of 2023. These cabins will be completed and ready to book by Labor day. We just parked our brand new Airstream on site and finished our designated swimming area. We are also continuously working to add more amenities and campground sponsored activities. We plan to install some primitive tent pads in our forest as well.

Is the campsite bike accessible?

Yes, there is paved 20–25 mile Cambridge City bike lane right outside of camp that includes numerous of rest areas.

Can I partner with or advertise my business with you?

Yes, please contact us at

How many people fit in one cabin?

Each cabin fits 2 adults comfortably. We highly suggest booking more cabins depending on how many children you are bringing.

Can we put a tent outside of the cabin?

Yes, you can pitch a tent outside of your rented cabin.

How many dogs can we bring?

We allow 2 dogs per cabin. Dogs must be on a leash at all times when outside the cabin. Owners are expected to clean up and dispose of all their dog’s waste.

Is the tent camping area shaded?

Our current designated tent camping area has minimal shade. However, we hope to add some primitive tent pads in our forest soon that will be well shaded.

Is fishing allowed on the lake?

Yes. We have a catch and release policy. We sell (not rentable) fishing poles and fishing kits onsite. 

Is boating or kayaking allowed on the lake?

No power boats or jet skis are allowed on the lake. Small fishing boats (10’ or less) with a trolling motor are acceptable. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding is allowed on the lake. We have Kayaks that we rent to our guests, or they can bring their own Kayaks or Paddle Boards if they wish.

Is swimming allowed on the lake?

We have a designated swimming area. Swimming is at your own risk.

Are there weekday or weekend discounts?

We only offer discounts for weekday cabin bookings. Please see our reservations page for more details. We do not offer additional discounts at this time.

Are dirt bikes or ATVs allowed?

No. However, golf carts and small scooters may be acceptable. Contact the Office for permission before arrival. 

Do you provide grills or firepits?

Each Lake Cabin has its own stationary grill. We also have stationary grills near our Forest Cabins in a Common Picnic Area that also includes picnic tables. Portable Grills are available for use by those guests who rent an RV site. Those renting an RV site need to contact the Office upon arrival to state their desire to use one of our portable grills. We also have a grill located under our Gazebo next to the campground Activity Center.

Each Cabin site and each RV site comes with a fire pit.

What does your Activity Center include?

Our Activity Center includes various games as Ping Pong, Foosball, Cornhole, Connect Five, Darts, various Board Games, Playing Cards, Children’s games and coloring material, and a Library. There is also a Television, Coffee Maker, Microwave and Refrigerator in the Activity Center for the guests to use. Our Activity Center can be rented and reserved by groups for Birthday parties, meetings or other small gatherings based on availability. Those interested in reserving/renting the Activity Center for a small private gathering or activity should contact the Office at (740) 801-0054.

Do the cabin doors lock?

Yes. Each cabin is locked with key access.

Is there food available?

Yes. We currently sell hot dogs, snacks, and drinks

Roundup: LGBTQ+ Nature Trailblazers

Roundup: LGBTQ+ Nature Trailblazers 

As you may have noticed from the rainbow clad streets, June is Gay Pride month in the U.S.A. One of Glamplyfe’s missions is to spread happiness and love. Our goal is to create a warm atmosphere at camp where people can be themselves and feel good. We care about the environment, animals, and equal/equitable rights for all people. These nature activists, leaders, and personalities are some of the folks doing it best. They also happen to identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. We’re giving these bright stars a shout out because it’s Pride but also because their voices have been silenced as a group throughout history. Without further ado, here are three trailblazers you need to know.

Haven Coleman

Climate and environmental activist Haven Coleman is the co-founder and co-executive director of US Youth Climate Strike. Inspired by fellow Gen Z’er Greta Thunberg, Coleman began protesting for action surrounding causes like air quality and renewable energy in Colorado in 2019. She caught the attention of former Vice President Al Gore and has worked with him in many capacities.

Follow Haven Coleman on Instagram

Martha Harbison

Remember our article last month Pack these Smart Camping Apps? If not, check it out. If so, you may remember our mention of the Audubon Society’s app Audubon Bird Guide. Journalist and birder Martha Harbison is one of Audubon’s key players. Harbison is also behind the iconic Feminist Bird Club, who you may know from their recent partnership with clothing brand Noah. According to their site, “The Feminist Bird Club is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in birding while fundraising and providing a safe opportunity for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC, and women to connect with the natural world.”

Follow Martha on Twitter

Rocco Kayiatos (aka Katastrophe)

Rocco Kayiatos, Bay Area rapper Katastrophe and founder of the International Man Project and Camp Lost Boys, advocates for mindful masculinity through nature experiences. More specifically, Camp Lost Boys “is a summer camp experience created by men of trans experience for men of trans experience.” Some highlights are dedicated spaces and chats for BIMOC (Black/Indigenous/Men of Color), judgment-free physical activities, and mentorship. 

Follow Rocco on Instagram

Pack these Smart Camping Apps

Pack these Smart Camping Apps

Whether you’re going away to Summer Camp, kicking it at GlampLyfe, or roughing it in the wilderness, you can enhance your experience with Apps. It may sound counterintuitive to bring the digital world into the woods, but between Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, there are free nature apps that can benefit anyone. The only thing I remember from Biology class is how to make a Punnett Square, but it doesn’t matter because I have unlimited access to education and self-study resources in my palm. We’re lucky to live in a world where technology can help keep us safe instead of being stuck on the side of the highway at midnight trying to get service to call AAA. So here’s our list:

Noonlight: Feel Protected 24/7 (App Store, Google Play)

Camping can be dangerous, especially if you’re alone. Noonlight, the app that’s “ushering in a new era of safety”, features a large button you hold down when you’re feeling unsafe. This shares your exact location and can be used to contact local police and emergency responders. You can add friends to your safety network to monitor their locations, camping or not. It pairs with other apps to keep you safe like Tinder, Uber, Apple Watch, Alexa, and more.

Autio (App Store)

Introducing Autio, formerly Hearhere, the Webby Award Winner for Best Travel App 2022! This unique app is a location-based story guide. It’s like having a tour guide in your hand, sometimes voiced by celebrities, so really it’s like having a celebrity in your hand. For instance, if you’re in Columbus, Ohio, you would be recommended audio vignettes about the history of that area. The first five stories are free but if you’ve used all five, a similar app is GyPSy.

National Park Trail Guide (App Store, Google Play)

If you’re an avid hiker in the United States, this is a necessary download from the National Park Service. Their map feature allows you to see your exact position, even offline. Hikes are searchable and organized by categories like difficulty, elevation profiles, and if they’re family friendly. Each trail description is accompanied by local guide information like nearby food, necessary permits, and lodging. The National Park Trail Guide has a wealth of information and is really a national treasure.

Smart Bird ID or Audubon Bird Guide (SBI, Audubon)

Forgot your binoculars? Here are two apps designed for the experienced birders and casual birdwatchers alike. Smart Bird ID has photo and audio identification capabilities, journals, quizzes, and community alerts. Their audio feature is unique, in that you can record from your phone and the app will do its best to identify those calls. The Audubon Bird Guide is very similar but lacks the audio ID feature. If you have a NatureShare account with the Audubon Society, it will sync to this app. If you already have TikTok, you can follow the Audubon Society’s viral account there as a special bonus.

Next Vision Limited’s Identify Kit: Rock, Insect, Bird, Mushroom, and Fish (App Store)

This is an App Store Kit. If you’re not familiar with this developer feature, it basically means when you download the kit, you get all of the related apps. This bundle includes Rock Identifier: Stone ID, Picture Insect: Bug Identifier, Picture Bird: Birds Identifier, Picture Mushroom: Mushroom ID, and Picture Fish: Fish Identifier. These pocket guides each come with a topical encyclopedia, field guide, and photo identification capabilities. You may also download these individually.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation (App Store, Google Play)

Obviously, this isn’t a camping or nature app, but it can be a useful outdoor tool for a million other reasons. This is a guided meditation app with ten free sessions. Headspace, Calm, or any guided YouTube meditation video can be used while camping for sleep, anxiety, or imposter syndrome. 

Sleep: Often, camping means going to bed at 9pm, which can be very hard if you’re not accustomed to it. You may also be in an uncomfortable sleeping bag or listening to someone snore. Meditation helps you sleep by focusing on your breathing and lowering your heart rate.

Anxiety: You want to enjoy the great outdoors, but you can’t stop worrying about Bigfoot, bears, and if you left your front door unlocked. Acknowledge those anxious thoughts and let them go with meditation.

Imposter Syndrome: Some would say that the sounds of nature should be their own source of meditation content. If you can’t “just relax” with your eyes closed, it’s okay to let a professional guide you.

Wyze (App Store, Google Play)

The Wyze app needs camera hardware to work, but it’s accessible. Their most basic camera costs $29.99. It’s incredibly reassuring to have an app that shows you exactly what’s going on at home. Home camera apps like Wyze have settings that alert you to movement and include two-way microphone/speaker features. You may have been able to take your dogs into the woods, but that isn’t the case with all pets. In fact, your cat was waiting for you to leave to knock over that lamp.

Happy travels from the GlampLyfe team! Follow us on Instagram for more info and updates!

How Nature Gaming Can Improve Our Lives

How Nature Gaming Can Improve Our Lives

With urban sprawl, the 40-hour work week, and lack of affordable transportation, not everyone has the luxury of on-demand access to nature. Our emotional and mental wellbeing as humans is directly tied to “nature relatedness”, which is how interconnected our lives are with nature. If you haven’t read our other wellness article for National Mental Health Awareness Month about how and why nature makes us feel better, you can find it here.

Fortunately, there are ways to hack our system. Interior decorators know the benefits of having fake plants around one’s home. One study showed that “looking at decorative plants in their hospital rooms, patients recovering from surgery were reported to have lower blood pressure and less pain, anxiety, and distress.” A separate study showed that even viewing audio and video clips of nature can de-stress us in the same way that actually being in nature does.  

Cozy gaming is a recent video game phenomenon. Gamers are purchasing and playing non-violent, sometimes very simple video games en masse. The player’s goal in some of these cozy games is to walk or fly around the map enjoying the graphics and nature. No one knows if playing these games has the same de-stressing effect as listening to recordings of real natural surroundings. If you’re not lucky enough to live near GlampLyfe, here are five games that bring you outdoors from home.

Beyond Blue (2020)

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade

Explore the ocean through the eyes of a deep-sea explorer and scientist with Beyond Blue. This diving game takes place in the near future and climate change is one of the biggest themes. It was inspired by BBC’s Blue Planet II nature documentary series. The setting is described as “Earth’s last untouched frontier” and NPC’s in the game include whales.

Eastshade (2019)

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

In this indie “adventure photography” game, you play as a traveling painter who explores an extremely lifelike and verdant world. Your goal is to find your mother’s favorite spots, and paint the scenery. Eastshade is Leaving Lyndow’s sequel, another adventure game with stunning outdoor design.

Firewatch (2016)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux

Set in 1989, Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, Firewatch follows Henry. Henry’s job is to find smoke and protect the wilderness. This is an adventure game with mystery elements and some mature themes. Two creative leads from The Walking Dead launched this project.

Dear Esther (2012)

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Classic Mac OS

Beaches, caves, and hillsides are the main features in Dear Esther’s biome. This remote, contemplative game takes place in The Hebrides, a Scottish archipelago. The player’s journey is guided by a melancholic voiceover of a series of written letters. With a soundtrack that has been heralded as “soulful” and “mind blowing”, this game is sure to move you.

ABZÛ (2016)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
This underwater adventure game “evokes the dream of diving”. In ABZÛ, the player swims deeper into the ocean encountering natural caverns, ancient ruins, and the dangerous creatures who live in the depths of the waters. The player solves puzzles, meditates, and interacts with marine life using sonar chimes.

Why Nature Makes Us Feel Better

Why Nature Makes Us Feel Better

May is one of the most beautiful times of year across the USA. Coincidentally, it’s also National Health Month. Enjoying nature has been proven to help our mental health in many ways. The complicated nature of our relationship with the world around us has been studied for a very long time. There are still many mysteries around why being in nature makes us feel good, but we have gained some insights.

Disclaimer: If you are struggling with mental health issues, please contact a professional immediately.

Being in nature decreases stress. Experiments show that walking in nature as opposed to urban areas decreases blood pressure and heart rate. Not only is the physical and scientific evidence there, but we can actually feel the difference. One Texas study shows that participants reportedly experienced lower stress levels after simply viewing video and audio recordings of nature sounds. One simple way to incorporate this into your daily life is to change around your interior design. If you work from home, move your desk to face a window with a view of nature. Even a yard will do!

Nature increases happiness and creativity. This has been proven by studying which parts of the brain are used when participating in different activities and tasks. An experiment where participants walked in nature showed “increased activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain whose deactivation is affiliated with depression and anxiety—a finding that suggests nature may have important impacts on mood.” The same experiment showed that the inverse is also true, that urbanization is associated with higher rates of mental illness, including depression. Another study showed hikers increased ability to complete puzzles after four days hiking in nature, and proved the correlation by looking at what parts of their brains were activated.

Being in nature makes us feel connected to the world around us. Is nature an important part of who you are? If so, you’re probably a happy person. The concept of how we emotionally connect to our natural world is called “nature relatedness”. Having a high nature relatedness level correlates with having a high happiness level.

Mental Health Resources:

National Alliance on Mental Health

Born this Way Foundation

Be There Certificate 

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Environmental Resources:

3 Ways to Save the Planet –

10 Things You Can Do to Help Save Our Planet – WWF

Spring Flora and Fauna at Happydale

Glamplyfe Happydale April Flora and Fauna

As Spring flowers are starting to bloom at GlampLyfe, our guests have been asking about which fish they can catch and what animals they’ll see on the campsite. The roster is stacked. Whether you’re coming for a nature walk, birdwatching, fishing, or just glamping, you’re bound to see some of April’s finest and furriest. We decided to round up some fun facts and general family friendly information. Here’s what to look out for in Cambridge, Ohio this month!


Daffodils are in bloom on the lawns of GlampLyfe. These easy-to-grow flowers are a Spring staple. You may not know but there’s a lot to love about these yellow beauties. “Daffodil” is the common name for plants in the genus Narcissus, named after a mythological figure. Gifting a bouquet of daffodils symbolizes happiness while only gifting a single bloom may symbolize bad luck to come. Daffodils are the national flower of Wales. They believe whoever spots the first bloom of the season will have monetary luck that year.


Catfish can be found in our pond. Catfish are everywhere, they live on every continent except Antarctica. This is partly because they can lay up to 4,000 eggs per pound of body weight. They can have up to four pairs of whiskers which are full of sensory organs. Their feline-looking whiskers are what gives them the name “cat” fish.

Blue Gill can be found in our pond. These tasty fish go by many names including “bream”, “perch”, and “copper nose”. They’re in the Sunfish family. Their cheeks and gill cover are blue but they’re mostly yellow.

Crappie can be found in our pond. Like Blue Gill, they’re also in the Sunfish family. They normally travel in schools. The world record for largest black crappie caught was 5.46 lbs in Tennessee. Their eyes look forward above their nose so they mostly hunt for prey in front of and above their body.

Smallmouth Bass can be found in our pond. Like Blue Gill and Crappie, they’re in the Sunfish family. They’re a white meat fish which is rich in protein and low in fat, but gamier than their Largemouth counterparts.. In certain regions, they’re considered exotic species. 

Largemouth Bass can be found in our pond. They’re carnivorous freshwater gamefish. They can be very heavy, up to 22 pounds. They’re known to inhabit lakes and large rivers with submerged aquatic vegetation. 

Hawks can be found anywhere above the campsite. If you take the path up past the hillside cabins to the large grassy clearing, you’ll find a great birdwatching and hawk-sighting spot. Anywhere you see them, they can see you. Hawks can see medium-sized prey from around a mile away

Storks may bring babies but they can be very old. Storks can live up to 22 years. There are around 20 species of these long-necked birds. They’re carnivorous and eat insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, small animals, and even small birds. 

Ring-necked Ducks hang out around our ponds. They migrate from central Canada to the southeastern USA so you’ll only be able to find them during certain times of year. The males are usually black, gray, and white while the females are usually brown.

Canadian Geese have an important role in the campsite. They’re always in the pond, walking in the fields, and flying overhead. They help us by dispensing seeds and adding nutrients to the soil. They even recognize humans. Often, Canada geese mate for life.

Turkey exists in the sky category but they can also run and swim quickly. Wild turkeys have two stomachs, no teeth and sleep in trees. In some circumstances, they can fly up to 60 miles per hour. Absolutely terrifying.

Otters can be found scurrying around the ponds. They’re carnivorous and very hungry — they can eat up to a fourth of their weight each day. Sea otters have the thickest fur of any animal. Since the 1970’s some otter species fall under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act. 

Beaver can be found near the edge of ponds. Beavers are interesting because they can live up to 30 years old, their teeth can grow up to 4 feet per year, and they’re the largest rodents in North America (R.O.U.S). 

Muskrat may be found near the edge of ponds since they are considered a semiaquatic rodent. They have an important ecological role as they influence the ecology of the wetlands (and because some humans eat them). If you need help telling a beaver and muskrat apart, ask one of our on-site employees.

Squirrel can be found all over the world and do not need an explanation…

Deer are very popular at our campsite. White-tailed deer and their cousins can be spotted hanging out in our woods almost every weekend. Fun fact: Since 1988, these have been Ohio’s official state mammal

Bobcat are not typical guests at our campsite, however they could hypothetically be found at night. They mostly hunt during dawn and dusk. They loudly scream or yelp when they feel that they are in danger. If you see one, back away slowly and deliberately. 

Black Bear are not typically guests at our campsite. They’re an honorable mention since they’re found in this part of Ohio and the Appalachian mountains. If you come across a black bear, keep your eye on it while changing routes or backing away in the direction you came from. Stay calm and don’t run unless it comes at you. 

Humans can be found all over the campsite, especially in the front trailer. If you see one, don’t be afraid to say hi. We’re always happy to meet new people.

What to Know Before You Go

So, you’re thinking of coming to GlampLyfe? Good choice. Not only will you experience breathtaking views, cutting edge architectural design, community engagement events, but also a one-of-a-kind luxury glamping experience. 

This post should clear up a couple of frequently asked questions from Instagram (follow us here). But, if you have any comments or other questions about what you’ll need to know before your visit, please feel encouraged to send us a message or DM. We would love to hear from you. 

Getting there


John Glenn Columbus International Airport

Akron-Canton Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport 


We’re located about 45 mins from Columbus, an hour and a half from Pittsburgh and Akron, and two hours from Cleveland. We’re also a short drive from northern West Virginia. 

Grab directions from Google Maps or reach out to us directly for help getting from your location.


Glamplyfe – Happydale Retreat

12110 Happydale Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

Phone: (740) 801-0054

Social: @glamplyfe 

Checking in

Whether you’re just coming for the day, staying a week on a solo trip, or a weekend with your whole family, your first stop is going to be our Check-In trailer. 

A member of our lovely staff will be there to talk you through everything you need to know and answer any of your questions. Freshly baked goods and coffee are available for purchase in the trailer.

The trailer is handicap accessible by way of ramp and features designated parking spots.


Our custom A-frame cabins are located on two different areas of the property. The social lakeside cabins follow the curve of the lake and are closest to the trailer and the RV parking lot. Our peaceful hillside cabins are clustered higher up on the property and feature an expansive view. Each cabin has its own electronic lock, a grill, fire pit, and set of chairs. 

There are two huge lakes on the property. One hugs a row of cabins and the other is for fishing and leisurely nature walks. The fishing lake features a dock to house your gear. Ask us about renting equipment. 

The gazebo overlooks one of the lakes and is a great place for group gatherings. This shady spot is perfect for feeding ducks and taking a lunch break out of the sun. 

We have six full bathrooms on the property, one of which is handicap accessible. The showers are modern and stylish (and the water gets hot fast!). Toiletries and towels are provided. This building also features a water fountain and bottle filler with clean spring water.

Columbus Highlights:


Columbus Museum of Art

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

COSI (the Center of Science and Industry)


The German Village District

Ohio State Football (Buckeyes)

Nationwide Arena (Home of the Columbus Blue Jackets)

Pittsburgh Highlights


Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Art

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Andy Warhol Museum


Heinz Field (Home of the Steelers)

PNC Park (Home of the Pirates)