Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Ohio (Guernsey County)

Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Ohio (Guernsey County)

Since Glamplyfe moved to Cambridge, we’ve had the treat of experiencing a lot of the great things Guernsey County has to offer. We took a poll on our Instagram to see which hotspots you wanted to see included in this list and integrated your suggestions. If you live in Pittsburgh or Columbus, Cambridge is close enough to be a natural day trip. We especially recommend bringing the antique-lover in your life because you will definitely drive home with treasures. Did I need to buy a vintage Super 8 camera at Black Cat Vintage? Maybe. Did I need to fill my pockets with saltwater toffee at McKenna’s Market? Also, maybe. Either way, we’re sharing a handful of our faves. If you’re in nearby Zanesville and Muskingum County, check out Zen Life and Travel’s article. If you’re driving in from Columbus, stop at Free Society Boutique for Y2K accessories and trendy clothes.

For the Flower Child:

Three Blooms Flower Farm

Phone: (740) 260-3392

Address: Available at Urban Twigs – 5843 Glenn Hwy, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the History Buff:

National Museum of Cambridge Glass

Phone: (740) 432-4245

Address: 136 S 9th St, Cambridge, OH 43725

For Date Night:

Georgetown Vineyard & Tavern on the Hill

Phone: (740) 435-3222

Address: 62920 Georgetown Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Influencer:


Phone: (740) 801-0054

Address: 12110 Happydale Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Designer:

Homemade Happiness & Co.

Phone: (740) 995-8318

Address: 723 Wheeling Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Foodie:

The Bear’s Den Steakhouse

Phone: (740) 432-5285

Address: 13320 E Pike Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725

For the Antique Lover:

Alley Cat Antiques

Phone: (740) 421-9077
Address: 118 S 7th St, Cambridge, OH 43725